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All our mains are served with Chips.

Salad can be substituted for an extra £1.20


Fancy something a little extra with your main meal? Have one of our sides to help fill you up.



We have a separate Drinks Menu for our range of alcoholic and soft drinks, which includes; a wide selection of red, sparkling and white wines, various beers on draught and in bottles and many soft drinks including diet.


Follow your meal with one of our delicious hot cups of coffee or tea.

We have a selection of teas including Earl Grey & Peppermint various coffees and coffee liquors and if you still have room try our hot chocolate with toppings.


Peas,mushy or garden (v) (gf)            £2.00

Baked Beans (v)                                 £2.00

Onion Rings (v) (gf)                            £2.40

Bread & Butter (v)                               £1.10

BECK's Restaurant Menu


 Please note:   (v) Vegetarian (gf) Gluten-free available.

  All prices are inclusive of VAT.

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Cod (gf)                                            £10.50

Haddock (gf)                                    £10.75

Hake (gf)                                          £10.75

Plaice (Breaded or Battered) (gf)     £10.75

Scampi (gf)                                      £10.80

Fish Cakes (gf)                                  £6.75

Cod Roe (gf)                                      £6.75

Half Chicken                                     £10.50

Chicken Kiev                                      £9.20

Chicken Burger                                  £8.75

Sweet & Sour Chicken with rice       £10.50

Three Pork Sausages                        £6.35

Gammon Steak                                £11.50

Ham                                                   £9.50

1/2 lb Steak Burger                            £9.35

with cheese an extra £1.25

with bacon an extra £1.45

12oz Sirloin Steak                            £17.50

12oz Rib-Eye Steak                         £17.95

Steak Sauce £1.85. Choose from;

Peppercorn, Diane, Garlic Butter, Blue Cheese

Vegetarian Special (v)                 see board

Spicy Bean Burger (v)                        £8.20

Veggi Burger (v)                                 £8.20

Soup, Bread & Butter                    £5.30

Salad Bowl (v) (gf)                         £4.65

Garlic Dough Balls (v)                   £4.40

Deep Fried Mushrooms (v)           £5.35

Tempura Vegetables (v)                £5.35

Sweet Cherry Peppers (v)             £5.50

Deep Fried Cheese (v)                  £6.40

Chicken Goujons                           £6.40

Fish Goujons                                 £6.65

Garlic & Ginger Prawns                 £6.65

Scampi Platter (gf)                        £6.75

Whitebait                                       £6.50

Prawn Cocktail                              £6.75

Egg Mayonnaise                           £5.75

Start your meal off with one of our delicious starters, all cooked to order.



As well as the desserts listed more are available, including gluten-free options. Please see our dessert display.

Ice Cream Sundae (v)                          £5.95

Knickerbocker Glory (v)                        £6.75

Meringue Glace (v)                               £5.95

Peach Melba (v)                                   £5.95

Banana Split (v)                                    £6.25

Pineapple Suprise (v)                           £6.25

Fruit Trifle (v)                                        £5.35

Cornish Ice Cream (v)                          £5.35

Cornish Sorbet (v)                                £6.25

Hot Sponge Pudding (v)                       £6.25

Banana Fritter (v) (gf)                           £6.25

Pineapple Fritter (v) (gf)                       £6.25

Apple Pie (v)                                         £5.95

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Choose one of our freshly prepared pizzas, or build your own with a choice of extra toppings.

                                           9"         12"

Margherita (v) (gf)           £7.30     £9.70

Vegetable (v) (gf)            £7.95    £10.45

Pepperoni  (gf)                £7.95   £10.45

Hawaiian (gf)                  £7.95    £10.45

BBQ Chiken (gf)             £7.95    £10.45

Spicy Beef                      £7.95    £10.45

Meat Supreme                £7.95    £10.45

Extra Toppings:               £1.30     £1.80

Chicken, Ham, Pepperoni, Spicy Beef, Onions, Mushrooms, Peppers, Pineapple and Tomato Slices.